Frequently Asked Questions

Our company would like to begin exporting or importing products to or from several countries.

We suggest that one of our sales executive makes an appointment and we will help you implement the distribution.

The correct procedures will need to be implemented for the importation and/or exportation of goods with the South African Revenue Services (Customs and Excise).

Why is there a different charge for an International Document and an International Parcel?

International Documents

The customs clearance process for export and import are much quicker and, as there is no commercial value attached, and accordingly no payments are required to be made to Customs.

International Parcels

A formal clearance is required which could take from 24 to 48 hours to be processed with Customs.

As these shipments are dutiable or have a commercial value, the process is subject to more rigorous formalities at Customs & Excise.

What documentation is required for International Shipments?

For goods exiting South Africa, the following documentation table will help:

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