Frequently Asked Questions

Track & Trace
How do I track my shipment?

RAM has a sophisticated Information Technology Platform and offers a number of Value Added Solutions. Credit Approved Customers are provided with a Log-In and Password to view the status of their Shipments.

This IT Platform ensures that our clients:

are able to track, trace and monitor their parcels whilst in transit;

obtain POD’s together with details relating to the delivery;

log collections directly onto the RAM Portal;

obtain up to date information and tailored reports relating to our client’s account requirements

If you do not have access to RAM’s online system, you can send a request via email, and we will provide the last track of the waybill. You may also track and trace your parcel via a Simple Track, right here on our site.

Click here to Track a Shipment.

What is the importance of a waybill?

A completed Waybill together with our Standard Terms and Conditions constitutes a binding contract.

It also specifies important details including the type of service, the collection address as well as the delivery address.

Should no Service be selected or not be completed correctly on a manual Waybill, then the Service will default to an Economy Service, and the Shipment will be charged as an Economy Service.

I do not have my waybill number, is it possible to track my shipment?

No, you cannot search if you do not have a waybill number.

However if you phone our Customer Care (0861 726 726), our Customer Service Department will gladly help you.

How many shipments can I track at one time?

Credit Approved Customers can search up to 10 consignments at a time.

Can I view the POD on the Web?

Credit Approved Customers can view all POD’s and supporting documents, (including Goods Received Vouchers (GRV), Identification Document’s, Proof of Residence (POR) or other relevant documentation) which shall be electronically scanned onto RAM ’s website within 24 to 48 hours of delivery, depending on area of delivery. You may also track and trace your parcel via a Simple Track, right here on our site

Do I receive a Hard Copy of my PODs and/or other Documents?

In order to attempt to reduce ever-escalating storage costs, RAM has recently undertaken research of applicable legislation regarding the obligation to retain hard copies of, inter alia, documents relating to transactions between RAM and our clients.

According to the relevant legislation, RAM is entitled to maintain an electronic database containing client’s documents, while disposing / destroying of the hard copies thereof.

As a means to saving costs and in order to avoid the implementation of a storage surcharge, by contracting with RAM through the utilisation of this Website you agree to RAM capturing all the relevant documents onto our Information Technology Platform and then destroying hard copies of, inter alia, the following documents –

proof of deliveries / POD’s / GRV’s and waybills;


applications for credit;

rate cards;

any other document relating to your relationship with RAM.

Electronic copies of the above documents will be retained by RAM on our secure Information Technology Platform and on request, will be made available to you electronically. RAM will retain the image as an electronic copy and destroy the original.

RAM shall keep all archived data (in electronic format) in safe keeping for a period of five years.
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