Frequently Asked Questions

Services and Logistics
RAM offers both domestic and international deliveries.

Within the range of domestic delivery options, there are different types of service options which have a bearing on the cost of delivery based on the area, the speed of turnaround and the weight of the parcel.  Please refer to the “SERVICES” tab for more details.

How to pack a parcel

You are responsible for packing and sealing the parcel.

RAM will provide, free-of-charge, courier Flybags for ease of sealing. Please request bags from your account executive.

Packaging guidance:


Choose cushioning of appropriate density and thickness and use enough to fill all void spaces in your shipping container.


Select an appropriate container that is large enough to accommodate the proper thickness of cushioning material.


Apply at least three strips of packing tape (no duct or masking tape) to the top and bottom sides of the container using the H taping method.

Place the shipping label with the recipient's full address on the most visible side of the container away from any folds or seams.

Where is my nearest hub?

(Branch Locator)

What are the limitations and restrictions on Shipments?

The maximum weight is 30 kilograms per Parcel.

The maximum size of a parcel is 120 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm

Should your Shipment be heavier than 30 kilograms or have greater dimensions, please call your nearest RAM Hub to ascertain whether we can attend to the Shipment.

There is no limitation on the number of Parcels in a Shipment.

Missed a delivery?

Please phone our Customer Care (0861 726 726)

How long will it take for my package to arrive at its destination?

This depends on the service chosen.
A Demand Service will be quicker than a Distribution Service.
Please click here to review the times of the various service offerings -
Weekends and Public Holidays are not recognised as a delivery day unless you select the relevant service and pay the relevant Surcharge.
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