Frequently Asked Questions

How are costs calculated?

Costs relating to a Shipment are based on a cost per kilogram, taking into account, inter alia, the following criteria:

Domestic or International delivery

If International, the zone is taken into account

If Domestic, the collection point and the final delivery point

Speed of turnaround as selected by the client

Weight / Dimensions of package

Surcharges which include

General Surcharges

Know Your Client / FICA / RIKA (“KYC”) Surcharge

Waybill Surcharge

Extraordinary Service Surcharges

Armoured Vehicle Surcharge

Firearm Surcharge

Saturday Surcharge

After Hours Delivery Surcharge

After Hours Collection Surcharge

Drive Away Surcharge

Incorrect Delivery Instruction Surcharge

RAM’s Variable Fuel Surcharge

For detailed information please see Interpretation Schedule and Glossary of Terms

How is weight determined?

RAM charges are based on the greater of the Actual Weight or the Volumetric Weight.

Volumetric weight is worked out through a formula applied to the dimensions of the package.

The volumetric weight of the Parcel as the term is commonly understood in the courier and freight industry shall be calculated as follows – {(Length (cm) x Breadth (cm) x Height (cm))/5000}.

What different payment options do I have?

In order to comply with the National Credit Act, our usual terms are payment on demand (prior to collection of the Shipment).

However, for Credit Approved Customers, a contractual agreement for 30 days can be negotiated.

We also offer a RAM Wallet or account into which a client may deposit money to be used as needed.

When are Customs Duties and Value Added Tax payable?

Customs Duties are payable on imports

Value Added Tax is charged on all deliveries.

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